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8:1, 2006, video, PAL, 02:16 min, color, sound

Coproduction: Vasl Art Lahore, Pakistan and Asma Mundrawala

References the opening sequence of the Hollywood film West Side Story set in Pakistani surroundings. The work suggests ideas of isolation, displacement and undercurrent violence in the presence of the gang of young men, sharply contrasted with the presence of the young girl gradually containing herself in a web like drawing to create a secure space for herself.

performers: Mohsun Riaz, Mikail Ahmed, Zeeshan Ahmed, Khizr Farooq, Hurmat ul Ain, Ejaz Mubeen, Arsalan Rafique, Jawad Saleem, Jawad Tariq, Akdas Wasim
Camera: M. Rizwan Khalid, Assistant: Irfanullah
Acknowledgements: National College of Arts Lahore, Pakistan