The Corw


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The Crow, 2002, video Pal, 02:17 min, color/sound

The video is based on a camera observation in Torstrasse in Berlin-Mitte where I also live. It is part of a series of videos about absurd situations on Torstrasse, this demarcation line between the fancy "Scheunenviertel" and the poor "NoTo" = North of Torstrasse. On the sound level I combined the film music and elements of the bird shouting from Alfred Hitchcock´s "The Birds". When developing the film I was inspired by the writing of the Berlin based Turkish authoress Semine Evgi Oezdamar, in which she describes the foreigners in Berlin as "birds": "The foreigners were the birds, which during their large journey had sat down briefly on the Berlin trees, in order to then fly on. These birds looked at Berlin from above, they did not understand the language of humans, and humans did not understand their bird language."