HOME, 2006, Aluminium Lightbox © Shahram Entekhabi,  شهرام انتخابی

HOME, 2006, Aluminium Lightbox, 180 x 75 x 40 cm

The light-box object „Home“ is a quotation from the film set of Stanley Kubrick´s master piece „A Clockwork Orange“. In the movie, the sign that is standing in front of the house of a writer appears two times: Once, before the protagonist Alex, a violent juvenile, and his gang entered the house of the writer to rape and murder his wife. A second time, after Alex submitted to a controversial experiment in prison to make criminals ill at the mildest suggestion of violence or conflict: After the experiment, Alex was attacked by the members of his former gang and could not defend himself as a result of the experiment. Heavily injured and desperate, he re-enters the house of the writer to ask for help without recognizing it.

Entekhabi transfers the sign into the context of migration, of home as a hostile or friendly place.