Head in the Clouds, 2005
ca. 900 paper planes, black light, nylon strings, stock authentication, 13 portraits photographs 40 x 70 cm

Within the context of the exhibition Model "Missed Opportunities - Symptoms of Strain“, I developed the project “head in the clouds” focussing the failure of the large-scale CargoLifter Project in the land of Brandenburg. “head in the clouds” will be shown both in the exhibition and in the newspapers “Neues Deutschland” and “Junge Welt”. 

I acquainted 470 stocks of the CargoLifter stock corporation – as a metaphor for missed opportunities in the German context. The amount of stocks mirrors the number of people who lost their jobs in the last days of existence of the CargoLifter project. The 470 stocks become the basis for folding paper planes which will be exhibited in the Brandenburg Kunstverein. In the newspapers “Neues Deutschland” and “Junge Welt” as well as the internet and some smaller local papers I published an image of the Cargo Lifter stock and invited the general public to cut out the stock and send it in the shape of a folded paper plane to the Kunstverein to become part of my installation. Even before the opening, we received more that 200 folded stocks.