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Miguel, 2005, HD video, PAL, 01:21 min, color, sound

The work “Miguel” assumes an exceptional position in the complex of works of Entekhabi. The character reminds of a Guerilla-combatant, his clothes correspond to those of a paramilitary, his full beard characterises him as anti-western. While starring at the camera, holding a cigar in the mouth and loading his Revolver, “Miguel” bursts out laughing, becoming louder and louder during the film. He grabs at his pocket and takes out a hand grenade like one of those that have been often used by suicide bomber since the Second World War. He pulls the splint and throws the bomb on the floor with a careless gesture, starting so the deferment which anticipates the detonation. Alluding to the parallelism of concepts of detonating a bomb and lighting a cigar, “Miguel” pulls out a match and lights his cigar. He takes a deep puff. He exhales the smoke laughing. The image blurs.

Written, Directed and Performed by Shahram Entekhabi

Camera: Arne Hector