No Exit Luzern


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Documentation of Live Performance, (Fragment)

No Exit Luzern, 2011, Live Performance, 4000 m of Caution Tape

Surprings reactions by the audience of the performance art "No Exit Lucerne" by Iranian artist Shahram Entekhabi on the Rahaussteg Lucerne. With caution tape the crossing between the theatre of Lucerne and the townhall was blocked for the pedestrians - and rarely anybody got upset about it. Except the authorities - they have filed charges.
Shahram also engages in ‘Parasite Architecture’, which questions aspects of social communication while deconstructing notions of public space and its ownership. Focusing the aspect of the transient within the idea of the informal, Parasite Architecture examines themes of migration and cultural diversity. Hence, in many places around the world, Shahram creates informal extensions to existing architectures (e.g. museum architectures) or constructs independent temporary spaces. These informal architectures are always constructed in public space (as part of the Caution performances that are documented on video available on the artist’s website) and they are always made from caution tape - suggesting ideas about safety zones and no-go areas and indicating aspects of exclusivity and inclusivity in the public space. These works deal with the concepts of performance and public space and time.