Off The Shore


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Off The Shore, 2005, video Pal, 26:21 Min., color, sound

The video "Off the shore" shows images of tourists slowly walking by on the beach. The camera observes their bodies and beach fashion, constellations between couples and human relations. In this touristic idyll, there is nothing disquieting or dangerous.
The images were taken on the beaches of the Canary island of Fuerteventura. Each year 4 Million of tourists from the North visit the island. At the same time, a large number of refugees from Morocco and from Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Mali tries to get over the 160 kilometers from the Atlantic coast of Morocco to the island - in order to get refugee status in the European community. Many refugees drown during this attempt to reach European territory. The beach scenery is accompanied by a text line, similar to the one in news programs on TV, that informs us about numbers, dates, countries of origin and place where found dead or where missing of the numerous refugees in this region.