Shahre Farang, 2011

Object, Metal, 160 x 120 x 50 cm
Drawing, Pencil on Paper, 35 x 250 cm
Animationed video, HD, 17:18 min, b&w, sound

Shahre Farang (Farsi for Chequered World) is the name for a particular version of peep boxes in the Middle East that were in use for long centuries and up to the 1960s. The boxes offered the possibility to view an exhibition of pictures in the inside through a small hole and were usually travelled from village to village by the show-man. The box could be made out of metal in the shape of an oriental castle with several holes. It contained a set of pictures which the show-man could move in the inside of the box by pulling the string. Common subjects included tales from A Thousand and One Nights. The presentation was usually accompanied by a “talk show” that explained what was happening.

Entekhabi’s rebuild of Shahre Farang is a contemporary version of the traditional peep box and reflects the artist’s childhood memories.


Shahre Farang شهرفرنگ Installation © Shahram Entekhabi (شهرام انتخابی)
Installation view

Shahre Farang شهرفرنگ Installation © Shahram Entekhabi (شهرام انتخابی)

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