Play A Fragment

Watching, 2007, videoHD, color, sound, 05:06 min

We see a masked female human head and shoulders. Wobbly plastic eyes in different sizes are stuck on this bust”. The whole head is covered with these eyes. The picture that we see, seems very dark and even, but abstract at the same time. When moving impetuous, plastic pupils will tremble woozily.
Now, a mouth opens, then a pair of eyes. A human being stares at us. Luscious red from the mouth and a fresh blue from the eyes shines through the black and white of the bust. We recognize that a young woman is trembling her head fitfully in small movements. The glued plastic eyes on her face and torso wobble and we hear the rattling noise of the pupils. “Watching me?” – she asks the spectator. This question will be repeated in different combinations from total happiness to anger and aggression; sadness, mistrust or pretentiousness.
The young woman’s face will be very expressive through the help of disguise and mimic. We, as the spectators self, will feel gaped by all those small wobbly plastic eyes. When the two real eyes open, confronting us, the former gaped one turns suddenly into the gaper. Who’s watching Who?

Performance Martina Schoene-Radunski