Who’s afraid...


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Who’s afraid..., 2007, 24:00 min., video, HD, 16/9, color, sound
Part one of the trilogy "Dead Satellites"

“Who’s afraid...” is a short film based on sensible human interactions between a woman and a man in a relationship.
It is a fight for power and respect, both individuals struggle for their own wills. The relationship is based on fragile poles, from passionate love to mental and even physical destruction. Woman and man enclose themselves in a contained world, without leaving enough private space one another. The only connection the outside world is given through a telephone. This situation develops into a dangerous fight and sexual game. Also a sharp knife plays an important part in the story. It is used as a symbol of violence and an expression of power. Both, woman and man push their relationship in a psychological farce. The story comes to its turning end, when the woman…

Original format: HD Video 16/9 / Screening format: DVD PAL 16/9 / Duration: 27:21 min. / Language: no dialogue
Cast: Veronica R. Perez & Shahram Entekhabi

Crew: Camera Kristina Paustian - Assistant Director Martina Schöne-Radunski

Soundtrack: Vocals Veronica R. Perez - Drums Niklas Nesselhut – Contrabass Sergio Gomez Checho – Keyboards Rupert Kirchmair – Trumpet Daniel Allen Oberto – Arrangement Shahram Entekhabi

Co-production: Shahram Entekhabi & Fine Arts Unternehmen video+film AG (Switzerland)

Thanks to: Ricarda Schuh - Die Hoffotografen, Berlin - Sterling Gold, Berlin - Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin - High Art, Berlin, London